Toast Tuesday :)

After going to Expo East, I made a connection on Instagram I hadn’t made there in person. Easy to understand, if you know how big that show is.

Nevertheless, I was curious about this Betsy’s Best & had to try it for myself!


After finding Betsy’s Best at my local Bristol Farms, I had a tough decision to make. The sun butter with cinnamon & chia seeds or the cashew butter with cardamom. I mean, it didn’t seem like I could go wrong with either, but I decided to try the sun butter first. Seemed like a great alternative to anyone with nut allergies — & since my nephews fall into that category — it resonated.



I decided to use Dave’s Killer Bread [the yellow “Good Seed” version, to be specific :)].

First was the crushed frozen raspberries & hemp hearts! Maybe 3 or 4 raspberries is all it takes.

Next up, I tried frozen blueberries, maple syrup & fresh ground nutmeg! That nutmeg will make your nose sing!!

Finally, we have fresh blackberries, drizzled with honey & sprinkle of pepita seeds! Kept them fresh, instead of frozen, just to give some contrast.


My favorite part about the sun butter was how much the cinnamon comes through!!

It doesn’t skimp on the cinnamon, which I love… & which makes me want to try the cashew butter [with cardamom] even more!


Which one would you try first?!

What’s your favorite way to toast??!




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