Stuffed Peppers & Tomatoes

I’ve always been a fan of stuffed peppers. But sometimes the prep time is a drag!

Enter pre-cooked quinoa FTW!!!


If you’ve come across this magical item, you usually stick it in the microwave for 60 seconds or so to cook.

But I decided to try sticking it right into some hollowed out peppers & a small tomato [that’s how far the 8 oz package went. Added some cumin, corn & red beans to give it an added Mexican flare.

With only a bake time of 18 minutes [at 350], I pulled them out to sprinkle some cheese on top. Cook for an additional 5 minutes.

After the cheese is melted, top with cilantro & serve.

Literally the easiest stuffed peppers & tomato I have ever made!!

Perfect not just for a Meatless Monday, but the quinoa makes it a great gluten free recipe as well!!




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