Stone Fruit Salsa

A few years ago, I made a pineapple mango salsa that was to die for!! When I posted it on Facebook, a friend replied that I needed to try stone fruit salsa.

Hard as it felt to admit, I had to ask him, “what is that??”


To be fair, I looked at recipes at the time… but for some reason, couldn’t wrap my head around what it would be used for/with. So it just fell on the back burner.

Fast forward to my last trip to the farmers market. There were the most amazing pluots & I remembered the idea behind stone fruit salsa. Now, recipes vary on what kind of stone fruit to use, which herb, etc. and since I have never been keen on apricots, I figured this would be the perfect chance to try! The pluots kind of replaced the plums and apricots I saw in most recipes.


Now, I used a handful of cherries [more than what’s pictured], but since this was an experiment for myself, I didn’t want to make a full sized recipe like I saw elsewhere.

Still, these were the ingredients I used:

Yellow Peach, diced
[I only specify because white peaches are usually sweeter & you don’t need this any sweeter than it already is!]
2-3 Pluots, depending on size, diced
10-12 Cherries, pitted & quartered
1/2 Lime, zest & juice
Mint leaves, chopped
Pink Himalayan Salt, to taste

Put all stone fruit in bowl, sprinkle with lime juice.
Add mint, zest & salt & toss.

Add a couple mint leaves to garnish.

If you’re prepping food for a Labor Day cook out or other kind of get together, this is the perfect thing to make ahead of time & cover in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve!

A full recipe would be 3 cups pitted & diced stone fruits,  2 TB chopped mint leaves, 1 lime [ zest & juice] & pinch of salt.


If you’re like me, after you try a recipe, you’re usually either:

  • Disappointed & toss the recipe
  • Intrigued enough, you look for ways to improve it
  • Mad at yourself for not trying it sooner


In this case, while I was bummed I had not tried it sooner… I also had an appreciation for the quality of the stone fruit I got at the farmers market.

Because I wouldn’t have found those pluots years ago, it felt rather serendipitous that the recipe came to mind at the right moment based on the right fruit!


And while you could find tortilla chips, rice cakes or crackers to put it on, which totally works… I won’t lie. I definitely ate some of it straight out of the bowl with a spoon. 🙂

Next time though, I kind of want to try it on pork or a fish, like salmon or halibut.


What would you want to eat it with?

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