Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Okay, okay… I know there’s some people out there. Even some who are allergic.

But for me, the debate about which kind of chocolate isn’t even a question.

Always has & always will be dark chocolate for me.
So, sometimes, I want to indulge. But I also want to be smart about how I indulge. Most candy bars aren’t it because they’re so loaded with sugar. But beyond that, carbs alone [even without all the sugar] are problematic.

That’s where these treats came into play.

You can go full coverage on the dark [or other kinds of] chocolate… or you can just cover half.

What you’ll need:

Organic Rice Cakes
Dark Chocolate
Pepita Seeds
Chia Seeds
Hemp Hearts
Sesame Seeds



Pink Himalayan Salt
Goji Berries
Pine Nuts
Flax Seeds


Add coconut oil to the chocolate & melt over low heat.

Spread on rice cakes.

Sprinkle your favorite toppings.


Enjoy your chocolate guilt free with added bonus of proteins, omega 3’s, & antioxidants!


What toppings would you try?



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